Recently I sat down with Maria Failla from Bloom and Grow Radio to talk about the differences and similarities between terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums as well as how to make and care for them. Listen to the entire episode on your favorite podcast player via this link or directly from Maria's blog here.

Terrariums, vivariums, and paludariums with Patricia Buzo

 In this episode we learn:

  • [00:47] The magic of terrariums
  • [05:22] How Patricia became the plant lady she is today
  • [06:33] Why Patricia loves terrariums
  • [07:03] How terrariums can have restorative effects on people
  • [09:02] What are the differences among terrariums, vivariums, and paladariums?
  • [11:56] What are the benefits of growing plants in terrariums?
  • [12:32] What are common terrarium problems and how do you solve them?
  • [14:36] How do you put isopods/springtails in your terrarium?
  • [15:55] Maria’s first terrarium story
  • [17:45] How different is it to set up a terrarium, a vivarium, and a paladarium?
  • [18:39] What materials do you need for a basic terrarium?
  • [20:30] Open terrariums vs closed terrariums
  • [21:45] Where can you source terrarium containers?
  • [23:25] Which plants are NOT recommended for terrariums?
  • [25:56] Can you use beneficial insects in an open terrarium?
  • [27:19] How much soil is needed in terrariums?
  • [31:22] How to plant up a terrarium
  • [32:21] Patricia’s recommended drainage layer setup
  • [34:06] How do you water a terrarium? What water should you use for terrariums?
  • [36:21] How often should you open a closed terrarium?
  • [37:23] Patricia’s most recommended plants for terrariums
  • [39:38] How do you set up a vivarium?
  • [42:03] Can you use driftwood in a vivarium?
  • [42:58] The best starter pets to put in a vivarium
  • [45:05] Bigger plants to use in a vivarium
  • [46:42] How to feed your vivarium animals
  • [48:19] Where to get tiny and cute terrarium figurines
  • [49:18] What is the biggest must-know when installing paladariums?
  • [51:16] Do you clean the water in paladariums? Do you change it?
  • [52:47] The most common terrarium care mistakes and questions
  • [57:26] Where to find Patricia online

Terrariums by Patricia Buzo