Terrarium Gallery

Gallery of custom terrarium designs made by Doodle Bird Terrariums 

New book will be released late Summer 2020 entitled “A Family Guide to Terrariums for Kids” by Patricia Buzo

Succulent terrarium project from from the book “A Family Guide to Terrariums for Kids” by Patricia Buzo

Terrarium project from the book “A Family Guide to Terrariums for Kids” by Patricia Buzo

Miniature orchid terrarium with aquatic mosses

Biophytum sensitivum terrarium

Carnivorous Plant terrarium with Cephalotus follicularis

Pine forest terrarium

Tropical scene terrarium

Water scene terrarium bowl

Mossy close up - geometric terrarium

Geometric moss terrarium

Geometric moss terrariums

Plant shelf filled with lush greenery and terrariums.

Wardian case planted with mosses and ferns

LED lamp terrarium with a variety of tropical plants


Bug box terrarium

Home collection

Geometric diamond terrarium

Giant geometric terrarium with landscape scene.

Custom made Star Wars themed terrarium bowl.

Pair of custom large scale terrariums.

Vintage glass jars filled with plants.

Custom large scale terrarium design.

BB-8 terrarium for Star Wars fans.

Arizona landscape terrarium.

Asian inspired theme.

Fern terrarium.

Terrarium grouping featuring live plants and shells.

Seashells and moss.

Beach themed custom piece.

Beach terrarium with sand and shells.

Customer brought back shells from a favorite vacation spot and had a set of terrariums made to display them.

Rockscape scene.

Large canister with mini scene.

Groupings always look stunning.

Jug with live mosses.

Giant glass jar filled with woodland plants.

Mini cloche jars with live mosses and ferns.

Lidded jar filled with mosses, ferns, and a real ammonite fossil.

Little woodland scene.

Light bulb jars filled with mosses.

Orb bowl planted to mimic a mini landscape.

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