Terrarium Gallery

Gallery of custom terrarium designs made by Doodle Bird Terrariums 

Deserted tropical island terrarium

Blue lagoon terrarium with sapphire water

Lush mossy Bio-Bowl terrarium

My personal favorite, the Blue Springs terrarium was designed after a vacation spot in Florida. Available in 3 sizes.

Miniature terrarium duo is the perfect office accent.

Rocky creek terrarium made with clear resin.

The "Bio-Bowl" terrarium planted with fresh moss and shale.

Tropical terrarium in a cookie jar.

A long-running favorite with customers, the greenhouse terrarium.

Terrariums are a perfect addition to plant shelves.

The secret garden terrarium, a new design in my shop.

Shown here is the smallest 5" size of the beach terrarium, which also comes in an 8" and 10" size.

Ocean cove terrarium with intense turquoise seawater made of resin.

Moss terrarium with shale.

Horse pasture scene is a customer favorite, available in 3 sizes.

Ocean cove terrarium has been a staple design available for sale in my shop.

New book will be released late Summer 2020 entitled “A Family Guide to Terrariums for Kids” by Patricia Buzo

Succulent terrarium project from from the book “A Family Guide to Terrariums for Kids” by Patricia Buzo

Terrarium project from the book “A Family Guide to Terrariums for Kids” by Patricia Buzo

Lake scene terrarium comes in 3 sizes and features a clear resin waterscape.

Mossy close up - a custom geometric terrarium made for a customer in 2019

Custom geometric moss terrarium made for a customer in 2019

Plant shelf filled with lush greenery and terrariums. Pairing your terrarium with other decorative items showcases it well.

Wardian case planted with mosses and ferns, a custom design for a special customer in 2018.

LED lamp terrarium with a variety of tropical plants, made for myself.

Pair of custom large scale terrariums.

Vintage glass jars filled with plants.

Arizona landscape terrarium.

Asian inspired theme.

Fern terrarium.

Terrarium grouping featuring live plants and shells.

Seashells and moss.

Beach themed custom piece.

Beach terrarium with sand and shells.

Customer brought back shells from a favorite vacation spot and had a set of terrariums made to display them.